Wil Voss

During my career, I've worked with some amazing people on an array of fabulous projects. Here is a sampling of what some of those people say about my skills and professionalism:

“As a UX designer, he has an acute understanding of user experience process and problem solving with a keen eye for motion design in his prototyping. Not only does he have the technical skills and capabilities to solve tough UX problems, he is also fast and has a high quality bar.” Joshua Baber, Motion Designer

“Aside from his proficiency and deep knowledge in his field, he has an impeccable work ethic and he is fantastic to work with. He is a great thinker and a great communicator, creative and resourceful.” Marianne Giesemann, Designer/Illustrator

“What makes Wil such a pleasure to work with, above and beyond the ability to leverage his exceptional front-end web development and design skills, is his dedication and genuine enthusiasm for the success of the project and the team itself.” Kimanh Moreau, Client Services Manager

“Wil is a forward thinker, he takes initiative and is willing to help in any situation. His genius astounds me and his attention to detail is something that I wish I could have in all of my developers.” Brigitt Rains, Senior Project Manager

“Wil is an outstanding front-end developer who approaches every assignment, big or small, with confidence, poise and precision. His diverse experience makes him an asset for any organization.” Nat Jungerberg, Account Supervisor

“In short, Wil adds tremendous value and intelligence to everything he touches. He has been an absolute joy to work with; someone I would happily seek out for future collaborations. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Todd Connor, Illustrator

“Wil is a true team player. He weighs in with good ideas but also is wise enough to embrace a better idea coming from others. The speed and cleanliness of his code is impressive as well.” Tony Ballmann, Developer

“Wil embodies everything a designer loves in a web developer: fast, efficient, clean working web sites. He not only strives to make the websites look perfect, but he shares the designer's vision in functionality and quality as well.” Ross Cattelan, Art Director

“Working with Wil is incredibly easy and enjoyable because he elevates the quality of each project with smart problem-solving skills, passion for design and an excellent work ethic.” Marina McDonagh, Sr. Art Director

“Wil is without a doubt the most well-rounded developer I've worked with. Not only does he deliver high-quality work, he is the rare developer that understands business requirements and visual design/user experience issues.” Greg Sneden, Strategist